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    At Prism, we recognize that sales are the very lifeblood of an organization. We specialize in giving sales teams proven techniques and advantages in increasingly competitive sales environments. Our programs will help your team identify the most effective solutions for working with clients to increase frequency and volume of your sales as well as how to most effectively cross- and up-sell additional products and services. Our dynamic team of facilitators has worked on over US$150 billion of transactions and will customize your sales training program to meet your sales team’s specific needs and challenges.

    Contact us today to let us help your sales team effectively engage with clients and customers, build stronger relationships, protect margins and dramatically enhance your top AND bottom lines.

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    Collaborative Selling

    Often the best way to sell is by not appearing to be “selling” at all. Building a relationship as “trusted advisor” is the most effective way towards establishing a long-term relationship to win more business, more frequently and over a longer period of time. Every client is precious and it’s far more costly to win a new client than it is to build a stronger and deeper relationship with an existing one. Maximizing sales with each client requires working collaboratively with your client to understand their needs and identify solutions that add value without having them feel as though you are “pushing” too hard for a sale. Prism’s Collaborative Selling program will equip your sales organizations with proven strategies, processes and tools to enhance your team’s bottom line.

    Key modules include:

    • Fundamental Collaborative Selling: Achieving “Trusted Advisor” Status
    • Protecting Margins
    • Co-opting Competition Before it Arrives
    • Turning Relationships Into Higher Sales
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    Effective Sales Negotiation

    Prism Learning’s sales negotiation program gives your sales team the customized negotiation strategies, tools and techniques they need to close the deal, achieve win-win outcomes, create strong, profitable relationships and protect margins. Taught by experienced, dynamic Harvard instructors, we have already customized sales negotiation programs for hundreds of companies to address their most common and crucial negotiation issues and challenges – adding hundreds of millions dollars to our clients’ bottom lines. Contact us today to have our experienced team customize your highly interactive program.

    Key outcomes include:

    • Strategy Matters: Effectively Preparing for Negotiations
    • Controlling the Agenda: Proactively Managing the Negotiation Process
    • Advanced Sales Negotiation Techniques
    • Maximizing Leverage and Persuasiveness
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    Group Sales Presentations

    Many sales processes require clients who choose to make buying decisions as a group (versus just a single individual). Each group member inevitably brings a different background and perspective to the decision-making process. Effectively managing different personalities and priorities is a high-order sales skill which involves a number of non-intuitive techniques. Effective sales presentations consist of two key components: WHAT you are going to communicate and HOW you are going to communicate it. Given the investment required to reach the final stages of a group buying process, EVERY advantage matters. Contact us today to give your team the skills they need to deftly manage this most complicated selling process.

    Key modules include:

    • The Art AND Science of Sales Presentations
    • Defining Messages: Crafting Your Sales Presentation
    • What Your Client Sees: Video-taped Communication Exercise
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    Prism Learning’s Customization Process

    You can choose a specific program to meet your immediate training need or partner with us to establish a comprehensive, customized curriculum that enhances the skills of your sales organization and supports your overall sales strategy.

    • Stage 1

      Data Collection

      1. Your team is surveyed regarding issues and challenges faced in your current sales process
      2. Data collected in surveys analyzed by Prism Learning in consultation with your staff
    • Stage 2



      1. Content and cases are customized and tailored to the needs of participants based upon data gathered in the first stage
      2. Specific case studies developed to address the key issues faced by your team
    • Stage 3


      1. Fully customized training program delivered based on your team’s needs
      2. Strong emphasis on participatory and experimental learning
    • Stage 4


      1. Post-training analysis to assess training impact
      2. Continuing post-program support available on an ongoing basis