Prism Learning Group

Prism Learning Group is one of the world’s leading training and consulting firms, providing customized training solutions in Sales, Negotiation and Procurement. All of our programs are fully customized by our team of Harvard Instructors, resulting in interactive training solutions designed to take proven strategies, tools and techniques and effectively apply them to your specific organization’s challenges and situations. Our client base includes over 100 of the Global Fortune 500 companies and our programs have created an average of US $8.8 million in value per training. We are also the only group that actively applies the principles in our programs to real-life situations, with our team having consulted on over US $150 billion worth of transactions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize training solutions for your organization.
  • Negotiation Solutions

    Acquire the essential skills you need to develop an effective negotiation strategy and conduct negotiations with confidence. We are experienced in building training programs customized to your specific needs for Sales, Contracts, Procurement, Labor and Business Negotiations as well as Cross-Cultural Negotiations.

  • Sales Solutions

    We help sales teams effectively engage clients throughout the sales process, from collaboration and understanding the clients needs to delivering winning presentations and closing the deal. You will learn how to drive greater revenue, protect value pricing and leverage relationships, allowing you to grow your bottom line.

  • Procurement Solutions

    We specialize in helping procurement organizations strengthen relationships with vendors and negotiate better terms. Our customized programs also help your team work together more cohesively and better address challenges that may arise in the supply chain through more effective problem solving skills.