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    Prism Learning Group specializes in providing fully customized negotiations, sales and procurement training solutions that give you the skills to go to next level and successfully achieve your organizational and business objectives. Customized by our team of Harvard instructors to your specific circumstances and needs, our programs give you the ability to apply proven strategies, tools and techniques to your real world challenges and situations.

    Prism Learning Group brings deep experience, a history of results, and a commitment to the highest standards of quality to all of our programs.

    • Experience: We have worked on over $150 billion worth of deals and know what works from experience.
    • Results: Our training sessions create an average of $8.8 million in value per training.
    • Quality: Our Harvard-trained consultants and trainers are dynamic and world class.

    Negotiation Solutions

    Led by Harvard Instructors and customized to your needs, Prism Learning’s dynamic workshops will equip you with the essential skills you need to effectively handle your negotiation challenges.

    Prism Learning specializes in building negotiation programs for Sales, Contracts, Procurement, Labor and Business Negotiations as well as Cross-Cultural and International Negotiations. Designed to be highly interactive, we focus on moving from being a reactive negotiator to being proactive and giving you more control over your negotiations. Key learning objectives include developing an effective negotiation strategy, strengthening your negotiation position, improving relationships and maximizing value creation. After a Prism Learning program, your team will be able to adjust negotiation styles for different situations and conduct negotiations with confidence.

    Our full range of negotiation offerings include the following:

    1. Onsite Customized Negotiation Training
    2. Open Enrollment Negotiation Training
    3. Train-the-Trainer Services
    4. Negotiation Consulting

    Sales Solutions

    Prism Learning’s sales training programs offer a comprehensive approach to help your organization drive revenue and protect margins by effectively engaging with clients and customers throughout the sales process.

    Prism Learning’s sales training programs are customized to help you establish a shared mindset with your clients, identify the most effective solutions for winning new business and build lasting relationships. Our dynamic facilitators work with your sales organization to understand your customers’ buying profile and how to work together effectively with them to address business challenges, allowing you to win new business and strengthen existing relationships.

    Designed to be highly interactive and customized to address your sales team’s specific sales challenges, our sales curriculum includes the following training programs:

    1. Collaborative Selling
    2. Sales Negotiations
    3. Group Sales Presentations

    Procurement Solutions

    Prism Learning’s procurement training programs help you reduce costs, improve contract terms and minimize risk by working effectively with suppliers and vendors.

    The role of procurement has evolved beyond the traditional “purchasing” function, requiring the continuous evolution of the strategies, skills and insights a procurement organization needs to operate effectively. Our cross-functional training programs address the complex roles and activities required of a procurement organization today. In addition to identifying supplier challenges and negotiating complex transactions, our dynamic facilitators also work with your team to strategically manage internal and external stakeholders and challenges.

    Designed to be highly interactive and customized to your particular needs, our procurement curriculum includes the following training programs:

    1. Procurement Negotiations
    2. Elements of Contracts
    3. Strategic Decision-Making & Problem Solving
    4. Teamwork & Internal Communication
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