• Shahzad Bhatti

    Shahzad is a former instructor of negotiation skill and theory at Harvard Law School and an award-winning graduate of Harvard Law School. Shahzad has provided training to individuals from six different continents across a wide spectrum of professions. His clients range from diplomats to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Shahzad has also been involved in transactions totaling over US $80 billion in value. While at Harvard, Shahzad had the opportunity to work and teach alongside such luminaries as Roger Fisher and Bruce Patton (two of the three co-authors of the best-selling work Getting to Yes). Shahzad was also recently selected as a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum. A prestigious honor, Shahzad will be collaborating with other recognized leaders from around the globe to work on initiatives designed for positive global impact. Shahzad is also the author of the book Law, Foreign Investment and Economic Development in Malaysia.

    Laura Maasdam

    Laura is one of Prism Learning’s lead trainers. Laura brings a wealth of experience to Prism Learning with particular expertise in the areas of contract, sales and procurement, as well as conflict resolution and leadership development. Laura’s experience spans both the private and government sectors. Prior to joining Prism Learning, Laura was a helicopter pilot and instructor in the United States Navy, where she focused on effective instruction methods, teamwork, risk management and mentorship. Laura holds an MPA from Harvard University, where she studied negotiations, performance leadership and the psychology of decision-making. While at Harvard, Laura was actively involved in Harvard’s Program on Negotiation where she focused on the effects of trust, ethics and emotions on negotiation and decision-making. Laura earned a B.S. in Physics from the United States Naval Academy. She is happily married and living in Washington D.C.

    Colin McRoberts

    A graduate of Harvard Law School, Colin is a consultant and trainer with Prism Learning. An attorney and commercial litigator by training, he brings a wealth of experience to Prism Learning. In addition to pro-bono work, he has worked with clients in a diverse range of sectors, including finance, technology, real-estate, insurance and manufacturing. His training clients span North America, Asia and Europe. Prior to joining Prism Learning, Colin worked for federal appellate and trial courts and then as an attorney at a prominent national law firm. Colin is also active in the arts community and serves as an instructor and executive director for a community photography center. A native Texan, Colin studied the Russian language in St. Petersburg, Russia, before settling in Chicago.

    Dr. Joanne Simon

    Joanne is an expert in cross-cultural and gender issues and is one of Prism Learning’s most effective trainers and consultants. Joanne is a Harvard-educated physician who is a specialist in international negotiations. Joanne’s work has taken her to a number of the world’s “hotspots” including, among others, Bosnia, the Middle East, Central America, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. Joanne has worked on many training programs involving governments and, in particular, NGO’s working on behalf of humanitarian relief projects. Joanne has received numerous awards and fellowships for her work and received her MPH from Harvard, her MD from the Medical College of Virginia and her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. Joanne is happily married with three children.

    Tim Sultan

    Tim is Vice-President of Client Relations for Prism Learning. Tim’s wealth of experience spans both the private and public sectors and his particular area of expertise are sales and procurement. Tim’s experience ranges from working on multi-million dollar sale and contract transactions for Fortune 100 companies to conducting bilateral negotiations while posted to the U.S. Embassy in Madrid. Tim has led corporate trainings for senior executives in mature organizations as well as mid-level managers at start-up companies. Tim holds an MPA from The Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Tim has also held positions in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Fluent in multiple languages, Tim’s training and consulting work spans five continents.

    Sandra L. Vasher

    A graduate of Harvard Law School, Sandra is one of Prism Learning Group’s lead trainers and the Director of Program Development. Sandra’s areas of expertise are procurement, sales and contracts, in addition to strategic problem solving and effective teamwork. Her experience spans both the private and government sectors and she has worked with many Fortune 500 clients. Her training clients are based across North America, Europe and Asia. Prior to joining Prism Learning, Sandra worked at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and was also a trainer and mediator at the Center for Conflict Resolution. Sandra is a graduate of Harvard Law School and during her undergraduate studies, Sandra also specialized in Mandarin and studied abroad in China.

    Saima B. Yusuf

    Saima is an Associate Partner at Prism Learning Group. Saima brings a wealth of experience to her work at Prism Learning, including her personal involvement on well over a billion dollars worth of deals. Saima’s experience has given her particular expertise in the areas of sales and procurement as well as international business and strategy. Prior to joining Prism Learning, Saima worked at a multi-billion dollar investment organization in Dubai, UAE where she worked directly with CEOs in various industries in developing their business strategy. Saima’s experience ranges from working on large multi-million dollar international transactions to sales negotiations at small technology start-ups. She has also done pro-bono work in Asia for NGOs. Saima holds an MBA from New York University and an MPA from Harvard University where she was a Presidential Scholar.

    Amy E. Wong

    Amy is a trainer and consultant at Prism Learning Group.  Amy brings a wealth of experience to Prism Learning, with particular expertise in negotiations, communication and public speaking as well as design thinking and executive coaching.  Amy has extensive experience training all types of leaders and individuals, in both the private and public sectors.  She has facilitated workshops for Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, universities and nonprofits. She also coaches executives and individuals across a variety of organizations.  Prior to joining Prism, Amy worked in Silicon Valley where she focused on creating and delivering technical training.  She also worked at IDEO, a leading Silicon Valley product design firm, where she combined strategic and design thinking to coach the IDEO community in negotiations. Amy holds a degree in mathematics from UC Berkeley and resides happily in San Francisco with her husband and two children.

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