• Effective Sales Negotiation

    Raise Profitability in an Increasingly Competitive Economy
    Negotiation Training Customized to the Needs of Your Sales Group

    Led by Harvard Instructors, Prism Learning Group is the leading edge negotiation training and consulting firm. Our interactive negotiation training programs are designed to give you the ability to take crucial negotiation strategies, tools and techniques and effectively apply them to your real world sales negotiations.

    • To date, we have consulted on over US $150 billion worth of transactions so we know what works from experience.
    • Our clients create an average of US $8.8 million in value per training and consistently use and profit from our programs because they are unique and application oriented.
    • You will learn what over 100 of the leading global 500 companies already know! We have worked with leading companies across every industry to help train their sales forces.
    • Over 95% of our clients recover the cost of their programs within 30 days – most much sooner than that.

    Key Outcomes

    Our negotiation program gives your sales team the framework and skills they need to close more deals at higher price points, achieve win-win outcomes and create sustainable, profitable relationships. Designed to be highly interactive, our programs increase self-awareness and allow participants to both learn from our facilitators and each other:

    • Developing an Effective Sales Negotiation Strategy
    • Effectively Leverage Knowledge Throughout the Sales Process
    • Maintaining Control of the Negotiation
    • Effectively Identify Client Needs and Demands
    • Maximizing Persuasiveness by Tailoring Messages to the Client
    • Dealing with Difficult Negotiators
    • Positioning Value and Protecting Profit Margins
    • Knowing When and How to Walk Away
    • Developing Win-Win Solutions
    • Negotiate Across Different Cultures
    • Improve and Leverage Relationships
    • Conduct Sales Negotiations with Confidence

    We offer onsite customized negotiation training workshops that are completely built around the needs of your group or organization. For individual seeking to empower themselves through negotiation skills, we also offer two-day public negotiation workshops. For more information on how we can empower your organization through our on-site negotiation training, please call us toll-free at 1-800-986-9670

    Fundamentals of Sales Negotiation
    In this foundation-level workshop, we focus on the fundamentals of how to develop a negotiation strategy and move from being reactive in negotiations to being a proactive negotiator in control of the conversation. We teach a proven methodology for preparing an effective negotiation strategy before you walk into the negotiation, enabling you to create a stronger negotiation position. Modules covered include:

    • Preparing for Negotiations: The 7 Principals for Successful Sales Negotiation Strategies
    • The Negotiators Tool-Box: Getting Past No and Creating Agreement
    • The Psychology of Negotiations: Leveraging Different Personality Profiles in Negotiation
    • Power and Persuasion: 5 Sources of Power and Alternative Pathways to Persuasion
    • The #1 Rule of Negotiations
    Advanced Sales Negotiation
    For more experienced negotiators, our advanced program explores the latest techniques for complex multi-dimensional negotiations and negotiating across different cultures. We also focus on how to communicate effective value propositions and handle difficult negotiating situations.

    • Negotiating the Quote: Moving the Conversation from Price to Value
    • Multi-Dimensional Negotiations: Negotiating in Multi-Party, Multi-Cultural Environments
    • Negotiate with a Team or as a Group
    • Effectively Negotiating Across Cultures
    • Handling Difficult Negotiations without Harming Relationships
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Prism Learning’s Customization Process

You can choose a specific program to meet your immediate training need or partner with us to establish a comprehensive, customized curriculum that enhances the skills of your sales organization and supports your overall sales strategy.

  • Stage 1

    Data Collection

    1. Your team is surveyed regarding issues and challenges faced in your current sales process
    2. Data collected in surveys analyzed by Prism Learning in consultation with your staff
  • Stage 2



    1. Content and cases are customized and tailored to the needs of participants based upon data gathered in the first stage
    2. Specific case studies developed to address the key issues faced by your team
  • Stage 3


    1. Fully customized training program delivered based on your team’s needs
    2. Strong emphasis on participatory and experimental learning
  • Stage 4


    1. Post-training analysis to assess training impact
    2. Continuing post-program support available on an ongoing basis

The Prism Learning Difference

Taught to groups ranging from Boards of Directors of Fortune 500 companies to summer associate classes at law firms to a variety of pro bono clients, our on-site training programs offer several advantages.

  • What Makes Our Programs Different

    • We develop and build the training around your needs and learning objectives.
    • Our experienced facilitators deliver interactive programs designed to help participants become more skilled and effective in their roles.
    Building Block Curriculum

    • Designed to be highly interactive, we offer a series of programs that build on each other.
    • They can be delivered as standalone training or combined to support your overall business and training objectives.
    Long-Term Relationships

    • Our consultants provide participants with their direct contact details so they can be contacted for follow-up questions after the training is over.
    • We provide this service free of charge.
  • What Makes Prism Learning Different
    Experience & Results

    • We have worked on over US $150 billion worth of transactions and know what works from experience.
    • Our programs create on average US $8.8 million in value and we continuously review our training content for effectiveness.
    Global Perspective

    • We have provided training for clients across six continents in nine different languages.
    • In an increasingly global business environment, we offer real-world experience to help address challenges.

    • A significant percentage of our profits are donated to reputable charities every year.
    • We regularly engage in pro-bono work for non-profit organizations.