• Train-The-Trainer

    Achieve Results While Saving on Costs

    Deliver Effective Trainings Internally

    Prism Learning’s Train-the-Trainer program affords you the opportunity to have your internal trainers deliver the negotiation program. This option is particularly attractive if you have a large number of employees or need to train employees across many locations.

    Once you have a threshold number of employees you need to train, Train-the-Trainer generates 20-25% in savings. You will also save significantly on travel costs.

    Prism Learning partners with you to ensure Train-the-Trainer Success for Your Organization

    Customized Course

    1. Full customization of your negotiation training course using the same detailed customization process as our onsite negotiation skills courses.
    2. As part of the customization process, we will develop role-plays and exercises specific to your situation and also make sure that that the examples your internal trainers use to illustrate concepts are relevant and effective.

    Teaching Support

    1. Your internal trainers attend training sessions with our facilitators so that they can learn the material in an effective manner.
    2. After these initial sessions, we will continue to provide ongoing facilitator support and monitor the progress of the internal trainers. Our facilitators will continue to provide guidance and support when necessary.

    Impactful Results

    We help gather and provide feedback on what is going well and what could be improved to your leadership team.

    We will conduct a bi-annual course review to help ensure that the content stays up to date and relevant.

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